Working Oven in This Festive Season


Christmas is the time of the year when most of us prepare our holiday dishes for our family and friends. But what will you do if you find out your Viking oven breaks down shortly before Christmas day? Just relax! We got practical tips on how you can get your oven up and running in time for your celebration.

When Heating Element Is Broken

Before you replace the heating element, first you need to unplug the oven from the power source. Then ensure that you can reach the heating element properly. This may involve removing a panel at the bottom of your unit. Use a screwdriver to take the element out of the fasteners that hold the unit in place. Disconnect the element from the wires that link the unit to electrical power. After, you can remove the faulty element from the oven and install the new one.

When Gas Burner Won’t Light

When your unit won’t light, it may be a glaring sign to change the igniter. If you can’t resolve the problem in time for Christmas Day, you can light the burner using a match. In addition, you should remove any dirt or other debris from the different parts such as on the grate and the caps. Perhaps there are some food spillages stuck that lead to the problem. You may also inspect the electrical wires that link the igniter with the control module and secure them when they get too loose.

There’s nothing more frustrating than planning a Christmas party and suddenly a kitchen appliance doesn’t want to cooperate. If it’s just the dishwasher that stops working, you may be able to sacrifice washing your dishes manually until a repair technician comes even after the holiday. However, when one of your kitchen machines such as your oven breaks down. Well, you only have two options either to wait for the magic that will fix it overnight or do your best to repair a broken oven to heat up again for your hot holiday meals.

Once you choose the first option, you’d better put Expert Viking Appliance Repair in case a miracle doesn’t happen. Contact us if you wish our very own Santa to come to your place to help you have stress-free preparation for Christmas day.