What is Freezer Burn? How To Prevent It?

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Freezer burn happens when food is exposed to cold, dry air, and the outer layers lose moisture. This leads to dryness and can affect the look, taste, and texture of the meat, produce, and other frozen products. However, freezer burnt foods are still safe to eat, but they may not be appetizing anymore.

Tips on how to help prevent freezer burn on meat, vegetables, and others are the following:


Prepare the Food For Freezing

The cause of freezer burn is exposure to cold, dry air, it is vital to do all you can to keep your food sealed tight. When freezing meat, wrap it in multiple layers of plastic wrap or tin foil. Before freezing vegetables, you have to blanch them, as it keeps them fresher longer.

Use Desired Storage Containers

After preparing your food for freezing, you will need to place them in the proper storage containers to protect it from exposure. Depending on your budget and the type of food, you can use a freezer or sealed vacuum bags, plastic containers, or freezer-safe glass. Then, place your food into your preferred container and seal them down to help prevent excess air exposure. If you are using a bag, try to eliminate as much air from the inside as much as possible.

Set Only Freezers To Proper Temperature

Preventing freezer burn is necessary, but that doesn’t mean you should risk your food from wasting or spoiling. Whenever you freeze food, make sure that your freezer is set to its proper temperature. Setting the freezer at a higher temperature could put your food into a “danger zone” where there will be more risk of bacteria or mold contamination. Don’t take that chance!

Rotate the Food Frequently to Prevent Freezer Burn

While there are so many ways to prevent freezer burn, the fact that all foods will succumb, eventually, if left unattended in the freezer for too long. That is why it is vital to rotate the food frequently and label their containers with their frozen date. That will make it easier for you to know when to eat everything before freezer burn sets them in.

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