Viking Stove Won’t Stop Clicking

Viking Stove Won’t Stop Clicking

Everyone can anticipate hearing the clicking sound after turning on the Viking stove. But you are not supposed to hear it well after the burners are ignited or even when you have turned them off. Once there is a sound in your kitchen while the stove is expected to be off, it is not as serious an issue as you would foresee, but it is a frustrating experience.

Some Causes for a Stove to Click

What should you do when troubleshooting your Viking stove that won’t stop clicking? Oftentimes, the culprit isn’t something you need to fix, but there are some components that can break down that require replacement.

Wet or Dirty Stove 

When the stove gets dirty from food scraps and other debris while cooking or overtime, the remains can eventually reach the burner head. It’s the same situation when a pan boiled over or a spill of water gets on the stove. Once some food or moisture gets to the spark electrode, it will result in a click. 

Defective Spark Ignition Switch 

Installed at the back of the control knob for the individual burner, you can see a switch that regulates the electricity to the spark electrode. It is equal to components that when the switch breaks down, it will result in persistent clicking or malfunction in the electrode. When it clicks, the flow of electricity is stuck on. 

Broken Spark Module 

When the switch facilitates the flow of electricity, then the spark module takes the voltage to the electrode. However, this component can also break down and cause constant clicking. Once you have tried the switches using a multimeter and they split, it is the next component that needs to be tested. There is a single park module for the gas burners unlike the switch, thus when it has become defective causing constant igniting, it is probably that individual burner is sparking. 

Faulty Spark Electrode 

Spark electrode is the component that produces the spark that lights the gas and often the least likely to go bad. Once you have experienced a clicking issue before, and let it click a few hours to stop, a breakdown here becomes an issue. The more the stove unit clicks, the more faulty this specific part gets. While it is the least possible part to go at fault, it is the hardest to change.

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