Viking Refrigerator Repair

Viking Refrigerator Repair Service

Your refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance in your kitchen. It has the task of preserving your food (dairy, vegetables, meats, etc.) to ensure you have good food to eat. When your fridge breaks down, it creates chaos. You’ll run the risk of food spoiling over quickly and you may have to throw out some, if not all, your food. You shouldn’t have to throw away your fridge contents. It’s expensive and unnecessary. So when your fridge starts acting strange, don’t wait till the last minute to get it checked and fixed. You can hire experts like us that will be at your home fast and repair your fridge.

At Expert Viking Appliance Repair, we fix refrigerators almost every day. It’s just what we do. We have experience repairing the smallest issues like bad door seals to bigger issues like the compressor failure. Whatever the case, we’ll get it done quickly so you don’t have to throw away your food.

These are some common Viking refrigerator repair we perform.

Constant/Weird Noises

We get more service calls about loud noises from refrigerators than any other problems related to fridges and freezers. The most common causes of loud noises from a refrigerator are a damaged evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor. When you call us, try to tell us the source of the noise so we can bring the right tools and parts to repair your refrigerator.


Leaks can be a symptom of a huge problem on your hands. When a refrigerator leaks, it’s either water or refrigerant. If it’s water, you won’t be in any danger. If it’s refrigerant, you’ll have to take extreme caution as certain ones can be toxic to you and pets. Our professionals will inspect and show you where your fridge leak is coming from.

Refrigerator won’t cool

If you have a refrigerator that won’t cool properly, you’ll notice it immediately. It’s usually caused by low levels of refrigerant or a broken compressor. You’ll want to have us take a look at it as soon as possible to get it fixed fast.


It is a problem if your refrigerator runs too warm or too cold. A too-warm refrigerator is usually caused by a broken air inlet damper. A too-cold has a problem with temperature control or thermistor. This same problem can affect the freezer as well. We repair freezer and refrigerator problems with temperature on all brands and models.

So if you experienced any of these issues in your refrigerator, contact Expert Viking Appliance Repair. We have services for various kitchen appliances including Viking dishwasher repair.