My Viking Refrigerator Not Cooling Enough

Refrigerator Not Cooling Enough

Is your Viking refrigerator not preserving your food at home? Our team can professionally assist you to diagnose your possible problem, guide you with the repair steps, and inform you when you need to step back and call in an expert to handle it.

A refrigerator not cooling isn’t often a simple repair. There are various factors that may cause the problem. Damaged parts can be complicated, especially if you have to identify which component causes the problem. Our highly trained technicians provide you with the common Viking issues:

Condenser Fan : This component is designed to cool the condenser coil and compressor as they function. The fan has to run once the compressor is activated. When the condenser fan does not work well, the temperature can spike and the compressor may overheat.

Air Damper : This controls the amount of cold air released from the freezer to the refrigerator. When the air damper can’t open or shut off, it may affect the temperature of the refrigerator while the freezer keeps the right temperature. Once the air damper can’t open, cold air can’t pass from the freezer to the refrigerator sections, which makes it feel warm.

Evaporator Fan : This fan is the component of the refrigerator that blisters the cool air every time you open the door. The evaporator fan draws air across the coil, refreshing it, and pushes the air to the fridge and its freezer. When the fan does not function or start once the compressor runs, your refrigerator will not generate cool air.

Refrigerator Compressor : It is the refrigerator part that drives refrigerant vapor to the coils outside of the refrigerator unit. The force generates heat, producing hot gas that cools and takes up the heat from the refrigerator and its freezer. When the freezer fan is still operating, however, the refrigerator is not cooling enough, the compressor or its start relay may be at fault.

Condenser Coils : These take the hot gas generated by the compressor up to the evaporator coils. When the refrigerant passes through the coil, it changes to a liquid and cools. Blocked coils can cause bad air circulation, blocking the ability of the refrigerator to keep the standard temperature.

At  Expert Viking Appliance Repair, our team of professional technicians knows how to effectively repair a Viking refrigerator. When you don’t know what to do, seek repair services to assist you with a refrigerator not cooling, or any other problems you’re experiencing. We also offer services for appliance repair Viking oven repair, range repair, cooktop repair, range top repair, and stove repair.